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All have in common that they want to push the development of the World Wide Web towards the semantic web.[dubious – discuss] Some concentrate on eGovernment, eBusiness or data exchange in general. If data is interpreted differently, collaboration is limited, takes longer and is inefficient. For instance, if a citizen of country A wants to purchase land in country B, the person will be asked to submit the proper address data. Address data in both countries include full name details, street name and number as well as a postal code.

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By defining and collaborating on this set of “interesting” events, teams come to better understand the system they are building and running. No longer is logging “just for errors”; logging leads to vital ongoing insight into the runtime execution of the system. In the past, logging was seen as just a way to deal with errors, but this is a very ineffective use of logging.

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  • While analog patient records and other data were limited in their scope and physically scattered, digital transformation allows clinicians and their organizations to access, exchange, integrate and cooperatively use data dynamically.
  • Operable software systems also allow determination of the internal state of the system components, and tend to exhibit faults only when error conditions relate to previously-unseen states or errors in external systems.
  • Herein, we report an in situ fabrication strategy for a flexible BA2PbBr4 NC@PMMA film with an extraordinary stability and a high mechanical flexibility.

Thus, these results provide a feasible route for perovskite using in flexible medical imaging. Focus on operability, and you’ll create software systems that work well in production. But to achieve good operability, you must encourage collaboration between different teams by using practical, team-friendly techniques. Using log traces from multiple machines is key to observing the behavior of runtime systems.

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In the context of a software systems, Operability is a measure of how well a software system works when operating. The practices and approaches known as ‘DevOps’ – strong collaboration between development and operations teams – have helped organisations to re-align their business and technology goals towards sustainable delivery of valuable, working software. One of the key goals of DevOps is to ensure that software runs well in Production, especially in the context of regular changes (deployments). For a gas turbine engine, operability addresses the installed aerodynamic operation of the engine[1] to ensure that it operates with care-free throttle handling without compressor stall or surge or combustor flame-out. There must be no unacceptable loss of power or handling deterioration after ingesting birds, rain and hail or ingesting or accumulating ice.

Combined with a structured logging library, you have a rich source of operational intelligence for our software, validated and curated by teams working with the systems. With the goal of improving mutual understanding of software systems through collaboration—a true DevOps approach—here are five practical ways your team can collaborate to enhance the operability of your software systems. Interoperability tends to be regarded as an issue for experts and its implications for daily living are sometimes underrated. The European Union Microsoft competition case shows how interoperability concerns important questions of power relationships. In 2004, the European Commission found that Microsoft had abused its market power by deliberately restricting interoperability between Windows work group servers and non-Microsoft work group servers. By doing so, Microsoft was able to protect its dominant market position for work group server operating systems, the heart of corporate IT networks.

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Because first responders need to be able to communicate during wide-scale emergencies, interoperability is an important issue for law enforcement, fire fighting, emergency medical services, and other public health and safety departments. Agencies tried to bridge this isolation with inefficient, stop-gap methods while large agencies began implementing limited interoperable systems. These approaches were inadequate and, in the US, the lack of interoperability in the public safety realm become evident during the 9/11 attacks[13] on the Pentagon and World Trade Center structures. Further evidence of a lack of interoperability surfaced when agencies tackled the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.


OpsLogger is a good example of a logging library that uses techniques similar to the event ID approach. Each of these has an important role in reducing variability in intercommunication software and enhancing a common understanding of the end goal to be achieved. We’re doing our best to make sure our content is useful, accurate and safe.If by any chance you spot an inappropriate comment while navigating through our website please use this form to let us know, and we’ll take care of it shortly. We share a lot of content, both our own and 3rd party’s, on our social channels linked at the top and bottom of every page and we post interesting, generally longer form content in our Insights section. ‘Making software run well’ in this dynamic, interconnected world is the focus of Software

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These are now about 50 technical recommendations, regularly updated, that prescribe minimum standards for colour contrast, keyboard operability (visually impaired people use the tab key, rather than a mouse) and alt-text (written descriptions of images). They have not been adopted by the ADA, but are frequently cited in plaintiffs’ lawsuits. When applied in combination with the other three WCAG principles, operability ensures that people with disabilities can enjoy full use of your website. To learn more about the WCAG requirements, follow the Bureau of Internet Accessibility blog for the latest news and updates, or schedule a free 30-minute consultation with our internet accessibility experts. Employed well, user personas help to build empathy with other people so you can discover ways in which the software needs to work better in production (or before production).


In the past five years, website-accessibility lawsuits have surged to comprise about a fifth of such claims. According to UsableNET, a company that both tracks litigation and sells services to help clients prevent it, plaintiffs have filed more than 16,700 digital-accessibility lawsuits in state and federal court since 2018. Data interoperability requires increasingly sophisticated data exchange architectures, application interfaces and standards. These provide the data tools necessary to access and share information appropriately and securely across the complete spectrum of care, within all applicable settings and with relevant stakeholders, including individuals. Too often, operational aspects of the software system are addressed either late in the process or not at all, leading to problems in the production environment. A technique I have found valuable with many teams is to use a Run Book dialog sheet, a large (A1 size) printed paper sheet with a set of typical operational criteria listed.


Provide helper endpoints for services such as databases or queues that have no native HTTP capability. This lets you wire up a standard environment dashboard really easily, showing the health of all components at a glance. The Run Book dialog sheet technique works best when the dev/delivery team takes the lead on defining the initial set of operational features, because the team typically has to reach out to more operations-focused teams to fill in the details. The National Institute of Standards and Technology serves as an agency for measurement standards.


The Interoperability Coordinator leverages a regional structure to better allocate grant funding around the Commonwealth so that all areas have an opportunity to improve communications interoperability. These examples are programmatically compiled from various online sources to illustrate current usage of the word ‘operable.’ Any opinions expressed in the examples do not represent those of Merriam-Webster or its editors. But Mr Dengler, an American software engineer who was born fully blind, cannot make an appointment with the Italian consulate in San Francisco. Its booking system uses a colour-based calendar, which is not legible to his screen reader, a device that delivers a website’s content in audio form.

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In the same language, it is not an obstacle to order the provided address data; but across language barriers, it becomes difficult. If the language uses a different writing system it is almost impossible if no translation tools are available. Types of interoperability include syntactic interoperability, where two systems can communicate with each other, and cross-domain interoperability, where multiple organizations work together and exchange information. If you lead a team or department in the development or operation of modern interconnected software systems, and want to understand why and how to make your software systems work better, then this free 6000-word eBook is for you. Some of those standards meaningfully ease the burden on disabled site-goers; others are less critical.